Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Chrissy Metz and Other Big Girls

Anyone who says they enjoy being overweight is usually telling a fib.  It is not fun to shop at the Big Girls department stores or sections in stores.'s so difficult to diet, to deprive yourself of foods you love and enjoy eating with friends and family.  Exercise - another needed function in staying fit yet difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym.  Maybe if you exercise at home with equipment you can't afford would be better, but let's face reality.  Staying in shape is difficult, especially if you've never been in shape.

Before my son's wedding in 1999, I joined Overeaters Anonymous in L.A. and so did he.  He looked so handsome at his wedding after having lost 60 pounds, which was a lot for him.  At 6ft. 2 inches he was handsome in his suit.  I also joined OA, but in a different location and I lost 45 lbs.  I was wearing a size 12.  We both felt and looked good.

What happened?  The same thing that happens to most who lose weight.  You gain it back when you begin eating again.  You don't look for it to happen, you don't want it to happen, but often it does, as it did with us.

It is so uncomfortable being overweight, yet so daunting to diet.  Chrissy Metz, Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey who all say they love their weight are telling little white lies, especially Matz.  In an article I just read in a movie magazine, she states that her size 24 dresses are just fine to buy off the rack.  Only one problem.  She can't buy anything off any rack as she would never fit into any dress made to order for the public.  She couldn't fit her arm into a size 24 anything.  All of her clothes have to be made for her as she is not 350 pounds as the article said, she is between 500 and 550.  She's almost ready for the TV show "My 600 pound Life." 

OA (Overeaters Anonymous) is a division of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).  The principles are the same.  If you can stay with the program, and be committed you will stop drinking, using and eating the wrong kinds of food.  There are meetings in every town and state.  Do yourself a favor and visit a meeting.  You'll find a lot of friends who are struggling with the same issue, but attend meetings on a regular basis to achieve sobriety. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Panic Attacks Epidemic

Are you one of millions of people with a panic disorder?  Do you fear something bad is about to happen and you have to leave wherever you are, finding the closest exit?  Does your panic attack include fast heartbeats, being so dizzy you have to sit down, and in about fifteen minutes later, you're drained from the pressure of it?  I was all of the above starting in 1997.

I had recently graduated from college in 1996 and was looking for a job.  It was difficult for me as I was advanced in age - 60.  I didn't want to apply in retail as I would be on my feet during my shift.  There were a lot of jobs I didn't want because I had worked in administration for the past 30 years and even though I had just graduated college I wasn't a novice at work environments.

I remembered a friend of mine owned a Limousine company and thought that he would hire me just because we were friends and I had a flawless driving record.  No tickets or accidents.  I called him and he told me to come down to the office and fill out an application and I could start working after my training period, which was only a few days.

My trainer taught me how to back up a 10 passenger limo out of a tight space and how to lean forward, looking into my left sided mirror to make sure a car wasn't in my sight if I was changing lanes.  Also, I learned how to put on my brakes slowly before I came to a stop, in case my passengers were drinking beverages.  And, to start off slowly from a stop sign so they wouldn't be shifted all over the back seats.

I loved my job.  Met a lot of neat people, but I also saw many errors that would get my friend in legal trouble so I wrote my recommendations in the employee suggestion box.  Remember, I had worked a lot of years and knew employment law backwards and forwards.  I was notified one evening at home by the Trustee for the Bankruptcy my friend was going through and he asked how I knew these rules.  I told him of my experience and he hired me to run the company, which I did for several months.

One day I heard from another employee that everyone over 40 was going to be fired when the new owners took over in a few weeks.  That hit me pretty hard as I loved my job.  I was now under extreme pressure wondering when I would be fired.  My marketing manager was 48.  The accounting manager was 53 and my Dispatcher was also 60.  I told them all what to expect.  It was at this point I developed a panic disorder.

I was coming down the stairs to meet a phone vendor when I could no longer walk as I was so dizzy.  My heart beat was well over 100 bpm.  My marketing manager saw me and told me to sit down on the steps and to put my head between my legs.  I did that, but when I opened my eyes, the asphalt was spinning so fast I had to close them again.  I was taken to emergency thinking I was having a heart attack but by the time I got there the episode was subsiding.  The Doctor on call said I had an anxiety attack and sent me home.

Still under pressure with new owners coming in, I had severe attacks on a regular basis.  I saw the company Doctor and he gave me Xanax, which relaxed me so much I couldn't do anything but sit in a chair.  He then referred me to a Psychiatrist who referred me to a Psychologist.  I saw him for a year and he suggested I buy some blue stickers from Staples and put the blue stickers on my phone, desk, night stand and anywhere else I could be sitting when I was going to have an attack.  That didn't work.

A friend told me about and I contacted them in San Diego, where I was living at the time.  They are a group that focuses on self-help through "Will" training.  You can "Will" your mind on almost anything.  I had to drive myself to the meeting which was in Pacific Beach, about 7 miles from where I lived in Point Loma.  As I approached a bridge, I felt the sides of it closing in one me.  I didn't think I could get across it to get to the meeting.  They kept closing in on me until I reached the end of it and the street went back to normal.  When I got to the meeting I told them about my episode on the bridge and they had also experienced similar situations.  I felt like I was at the perfect meeting for me.

Recovery International is all over the U.S. and abroad.  It's amazing how many meetings they have and in so many states.  They don't have even one in Tennessee where I live, but Facebook has them.  It's not the same as a live meeting.  I went to these meetings once a week and overcame my anxiety and panic attacks.  I learned how to "Will" my mind against them.  I ended up taking Paxil and going to meetings eliminating my panic attacks and feeling anxious. 

It has been 18 years that I have been panic free.  I have changed a lot about myself.  I don't allow me to get uptight over anything.  I have calmed down to where any crisis is handled with consideration and planning.  I am thankful for a group that helped me see how my "Will" can change the way I think and act.  Whenever something pressing comes up like being stalled on the freeway due to an accident, I know I can't do anything about it so I condition my mind to think about something peaceful in my life and until I hear the car behind me honking because the traffic is now moving, I enjoy looking back on something that will bring a smile to my face - my children, grandchildren and best Buds.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

CBS "The Talk"

If you're ready to hear the news about today's events, tune into The Talk, a newsy show on celebrities and current events.  The panel is made up of Julie Chen, former newscaster at CBS and hos of "Big Brother."  She also hosts this show with four other women who are the complete opposite of the women on The View.  They do not gossip in the typical way the team at the View gossips.  That group is truly the girls around the water cooler, especially Joy Behar, with Whoopie following close behind.  Sonny Hostin, the legal team member is clever the way she joins in on current topics, knowing just how much she can say without slandering someone.  The other women on the show are simply " _itches" with a "B".  I don't even turn it on, now that Walters is gone.  I've watched the turnover and tried to get through the new people but Behar has stung me for the last time.  She keeps saying she is leaving the show, but fails to do so.

The team at The Talk speaks openly about the subject matter asking each member what they would do and the results are very enlightening.  No back-stabbing, no threatening, no ganging up on anyone, including President Trump.  Very interesting show with a guest celebrity daily.

Let's get the "View" off the air, and soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

My View of ABC's the "View"

I have been watching the View since Barbara Walters started it.  When she left I lost interest in it, but every now and then there would be someone of interest on the show and I would tune in.  Walters, a world class Journalist, knows what she's talking about with names, dates, when it happened, what the results were.  Today, the View has become a gossip show with four or five female bitches who continuously degrade President Trump and his family.  No matter who is on the show as a co-host or guest, all the conversations are negative remarks about "The Donald." 

President Donald Trump has proven his skill in developing hotels and golf courses all over the world, meeting and becoming business friends with thousands of people.  If conversations from the View were announced in the 40's and 50's, those comments would be considered Treason.  Why ABC continues to allow these women to tear the President down is beyond comprehension. 

Joy Behar is the instigator of these comments.  I was under the impression she was leaving the show "again," but perhaps that has changed.  I don't know of an update.  If anyone has negative comments about anyone or anything it's Behar, then she keeps it going by adding insult to insult.

The other women on the show are mostly ABC employees.  They follow suit with Behar including nasty remarks about the President.  Whoopie goes along with it bringing up stories that not enough is being done about black folks. 

What will it take to get this show off the air?  With Walters gone it isn't a news show any longer.  It's small town gossip from women who will never live up to the Barbara Walters name.