Saturday, July 1, 2017

CBS "The Talk"

If you're ready to hear the news about today's events, tune into The Talk, a newsy show on celebrities and current events.  The panel is made up of Julie Chen, former newscaster at CBS and hos of "Big Brother."  She also hosts this show with four other women who are the complete opposite of the women on The View.  They do not gossip in the typical way the team at the View gossips.  That group is truly the girls around the water cooler, especially Joy Behar, with Whoopie following close behind.  Sonny Hostin, the legal team member is clever the way she joins in on current topics, knowing just how much she can say without slandering someone.  The other women on the show are simply " _itches" with a "B".  I don't even turn it on, now that Walters is gone.  I've watched the turnover and tried to get through the new people but Behar has stung me for the last time.  She keeps saying she is leaving the show, but fails to do so.

The team at The Talk speaks openly about the subject matter asking each member what they would do and the results are very enlightening.  No back-stabbing, no threatening, no ganging up on anyone, including President Trump.  Very interesting show with a guest celebrity daily.

Let's get the "View" off the air, and soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

My View of ABC's the "View"

I have been watching the View since Barbara Walters started it.  When she left I lost interest in it, but every now and then there would be someone of interest on the show and I would tune in.  Walters, a world class Journalist, knows what she's talking about with names, dates, when it happened, what the results were.  Today, the View has become a gossip show with four or five female bitches who continuously degrade President Trump and his family.  No matter who is on the show as a co-host or guest, all the conversations are negative remarks about "The Donald." 

President Donald Trump has proven his skill in developing hotels and golf courses all over the world, meeting and becoming business friends with thousands of people.  If conversations from the View were announced in the 40's and 50's, those comments would be considered Treason.  Why ABC continues to allow these women to tear the President down is beyond comprehension. 

Joy Behar is the instigator of these comments.  I was under the impression she was leaving the show "again," but perhaps that has changed.  I don't know of an update.  If anyone has negative comments about anyone or anything it's Behar, then she keeps it going by adding insult to insult.

The other women on the show are mostly ABC employees.  They follow suit with Behar including nasty remarks about the President.  Whoopie goes along with it bringing up stories that not enough is being done about black folks. 

What will it take to get this show off the air?  With Walters gone it isn't a news show any longer.  It's small town gossip from women who will never live up to the Barbara Walters name.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Can you spare $5.00 a month to save a child?

You probably get requests in the mail for donations for various charities, and you probably throw a lot of them, if not all, away.  Please allow me to tell you the importance of just $5.00 a month toward these great healers for hope.

Hopefully, you have never heard these words.  "Your child has cancer," or "We've done all we can."  Never let an announcement like these tear you down.  There is help you can turn to.

For Cancer, St. Jude's Children's hospital in Memphis, Tennessee will take your child and develop a recovery plan specific to his/her needs and, at no charge to the child or parents.  All treatment, no matter how long it takes, will be free of charge.  So how can this hospital operate without funding?  It all starts with you.  You may think $5.00 a month won't even cover a fresh sheet on the hospital bed, but you're wrong.  Your $5.00 along with thousands of other $5.00 donations help run the very successful St. Jude hospital, plus there are major contributors who send a very healthy check every month or annually to keep this hospital afloat. 

The Shriner's hospital for children takes patients who have spinal issues, and a variety of other problems.  They have no fee either and operate under the same conditions as St. Jude.

For animals in shelter care at ASPCA, your donation to them goes a long way for food, medical help and advertising for a forever home.

So what I want you to think about is putting up an automatic $5.00 donation to one or all three of these institutions who desperately need your contributions.  This is what I do.  I don't even think about the $15.00 I have going out of my bank account each month.  I think about what my contribution and those of other people can do to help others in crisis.

It's a great feeling when I see my donations go out each month.  I know I'm doing my part in helping three groups who are there for YOU when you need them.  Remember, these donations are tax deductible. - Donate to St. Jude - Help St. Jude End Childhood Cancer
Shriners Hospitals - We Provide Care Beyond Cost - Support the ASPCA - Help Animals in Need Today

Sunday, November 13, 2016

What a Joy Kindergarten is

Over the past twenty five years I have taught adult classes in city colleges, Annex groups and Libraries.  As a substitute teacher I am teaching Kindergarden to twelfth grade high school students.  Most everything I teach is drafted out for me by the permanent teacher, so even if I don't know the subject, the instructions will tell me to watch a video, then talk or write about it, or maybe the regular teacher has games, reading or writing to do in class.  Because I have lived many years, I know all the subjects of the classes I'm teaching - all except one.

As I entered my classroom last Friday and read the description of the class on the white board, I was stumped.  "Drones" are the new way to communicate, dictate and do what humans usually do.  We discussed how Drones can transfer messages to let farmers know their soil needs more water or how important it is to "feed" it now.  Wow.  I'm learning something that my grandson told me has been around for a while.  This class was interesting because I was learning something too. Even though the only thing I had to do in that class was to take roll and let each student describe in their own words what a Drone is capable of doing in the future, I was taking notes.

During my tenure as a sub, starting in 2016, I have taught grades 4 through 12 and I will say that some of the kids can be very testy, but tolerable.  I had heard if I teach a Kindergarten or 1st grade that all I will be doing is watching them play with toy stoves, pots and pans, monitor lunch and get them ready for dismissal.  Boy, was that wrong information.  First, I love Kindergarten because they still love whoever is teaching them, but they aren't in toy heaven at all.  Here's how it went for me with my first day with Kindergarten.

Arrival time 12 noon.  Take them to lunch until 12:30.
12:40 - Computer room until 1:20
1:30 - Language Arts until 2:20
2:30 - Math and beginning writing until 3:15 (snack time too)
3:15 - Put paperwork away, clean up around desk, get back packs and get in line to go home.
3:30 - Dismissal

Oh the busy life of Kindergarten. I love it though.