Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's all about the Buttercup Festival

 The Buttercup Festival Is Upon Us  
The town of Nolensville is having the annual Buttercup Festival on Saturday, April 6, from 10am to 5pm.  There will be 50+ vendors, lining the street of Nolensville in the Historic District, starting at 7278 Nolensville Road, 37135.
Vendor menu’s this year will include Amish organic hamburgers from the Feed Mill, chicken from McDougal’s, catfish from Holy Smokes, BBQ from Dornan’s BBQ, polish sausage, brats and beef hot dogs from Jay’s Chicago, Meat and Three from Nana’s Diner, Baked goods from Ebenezer Church, Shrimp skewers and sausages from Nolensville First United Methodist Church, Italian Ice from Rainbow’s, Homemade ice cream from Hit and Miss, Fried Oreo’s from Greek Food Truck and so many more.  There are more Vendors who have been approved but they haven’t come my way yet, so just be prepared for more food vendors that aren’t listed here.
The Lil Miss Buttercup and Miss Buttercup applications have been very sparse this year, even though the territory has been widened to alert more families in Nolensville and Williamson County which is a big county.  While the cut-off date was March 25th, it has now been extended to April 3, so think of someone you know between the ages of 4 and 10 who would make a great entry.  Cost to enter is $25.00 and it’s OK to have your child sponsored by a group or business.  Not only does your child have community exposure, so does her sponsor.
If you’re wondering about parking, there is free parking at these locations.  Nolensville First United Methodist church, Ebenezer United Methodist church, Town Center, the ball park on Rocky Fork Road, and anywhere else you can squeeze into a space on the street.  You can walk from any of these locations; however, there will be free shuttles at Town Center, running constantly.   

Welcome to my Page

Are you a Diabetic and a milk-lover?  Whole milk, 2%, 1% or Skim?  Well, if you’re a normal person you can drink as much of it as you want and your blood sugar can handle it.  If you’re a Diabetic like me, you can probably have a half a cup (4 ounces) with each meal, as long as you count the fat, carbs, protein and sugar.  I am allowed 30 carbs with each meal so having a half a cup of milk will apply to my meals like this.  With a 2% reduced fat milk, which is what I used to drink will give me 5g Fat, 12g Carbs, 12g Sugar and 8g of Protein, and even skim milk has similar carbs and sugars.  It’s the Fat that’s removed in Skim and can you really enjoy a bowl of cereal with skim milk?  I don’t think so!  Well, I found two milks that I absolutely love and want to share them with you.  Only two grocery stores carry these milks – K & W – oh, start figuring it out.  At K, the milk is called “Vanilla CARBmaster”.   For a full 8 ounces of this milk (you can taste the vanilla in it) the calories are just 60, instead of 130 in regular 2% milk.  Ready for more?  There’s NO FAT in this one.  Total Carbs are (don’t faint) 3g – yes you heard me right, and the Sugar is 3g.   Are you sitting down?  The protein is 11g.   This store used to carry HOOD Calorie Count Down with similar grams of each item listed above, including high protein as in the one described above.  Now that brand is carried at the W store.  Are you still trying to figure it out?   Get ready.  There’s more.  The HOOD milk makes chocolate.  80 calories for 8 ounces, 4g Carbs, 4g Sugar and high protein.  I’m not kidding.  It tastes exactly like the high-sugared chocolate milk you’ve been buying at your favorite store.  And it’s so good on cereal.  Now, you can drink an 8 ounce glass of chocolate milk and feel like you’ve just done something wrong, but you haven’t.  Yay for chocolate!  Now, on to notices of events.
Williamson County – Did someone have a major paint sale in our county or did the existing Town Hall of Franklin simply paint the post office parking lot and other main parking areas in the county Neon Yellow?  I thought handicapped areas were always blue?  Guess not this year.  I have to put my sun glasses on just to park at the P.O., but it’s all worth it when I see the smiling faces of Julian and Postmaster Swetman.  I like visiting there because the staff is great and they have things you can buy there, other than stamps.  Mailing envelopes, fancy boxes, pre-paid envelopes, Bubble wrap, tapes and your very own home away from home, your personal mail box, but above and beyond the things you can buy and take home with you, the two “Boys” at the P.O. make you feel special while you’re there.  When did you ever walk in there and weren’t greeted by your first or last name? 
Jenkins Church is having their annual BBQ, Silent Auction and Music event on Saturday, April 20 from noon to 5pm.  Better get there early to start your bidding at 12 noon sharp.  There will also be their fantastic bake sale and Gospel Music.  Steve Dornan’s BBQ is served from noon until they run out, which is usually early in the afternoon.  Adults are $10.00 and kids under 10, $5.50.  Kids under 4 eat free and you can’t beat that.  Bidding ends at 5:30.  You know the drill.  Some of the gift donors are Smyrna’s Ruby Tuesday, the merchants of the historic district, golf courses, restaurants, trips and many others.  Well worth your bidding to win one of these great prizes.
Nolensville Library News – April 25 through April 27 will be a book sale, during regular Library hours.
Ebenezer Church – Saturday, April 13, the youth department is sponsoring a Spaghetti dinner from 3pm to 7pm.  If Jackie Green has anything to do with this dinner, you know it will be totally awesome.  Salad, bread, dessert and drink are $8.00.  Oh yes, and the spaghetti goes with it too!  More info 615-776-2041.
The New Bake Shoppe is now open next door to that Uncle person, in Town Center.  Rebecca and Brittney run it.  You’ve got to try the “Nutella” cupcake.   You won’t find any gritty sugar in any of their frostings.  They’re all like a light, fluffy, whipped topping like you’ve never had before.  Yeah, you’ve died and gone to heaven.  See you there.
Welcome Ethan Jet Wevick – Tuesday, March 19th, 9 ½ pound Ethan came into this world, and he walked himself down to the nursery.  Born to Mari and Steve Wevick of Nolensville (Steve manages the Feed Mill) Ethan is the nephew to Cindy and Darin Scheff, owners of the Mill.  Steve also has a daughter, Makenna 8.  Karen Wevick is the newborn’s maternal grandma.  Mavis, Mari’s twin sister shared Easter with both families in Nolensville.