Saturday, February 18, 2017

My View of ABC's the "View"

I have been watching the View since Barbara Walters started it.  When she left I lost interest in it, but every now and then there would be someone of interest on the show and I would tune in.  Walters, a world class Journalist, knows what she's talking about with names, dates, when it happened, what the results were.  Today, the View has become a gossip show with four or five female bitches who continuously degrade President Trump and his family.  No matter who is on the show as a co-host or guest, all the conversations are negative remarks about "The Donald." 

President Donald Trump has proven his skill in developing hotels and golf courses all over the world, meeting and becoming business friends with thousands of people.  If conversations from the View were announced in the 40's and 50's, those comments would be considered Treason.  Why ABC continues to allow these women to tear the President down is beyond comprehension. 

Joy Behar is the instigator of these comments.  I was under the impression she was leaving the show "again," but perhaps that has changed.  I don't know of an update.  If anyone has negative comments about anyone or anything it's Behar, then she keeps it going by adding insult to insult.

The other women on the show are mostly ABC employees.  They follow suit with Behar including nasty remarks about the President.  Whoopie goes along with it bringing up stories that not enough is being done about black folks. 

What will it take to get this show off the air?  With Walters gone it isn't a news show any longer.  It's small town gossip from women who will never live up to the Barbara Walters name.