Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Can you spare $5.00 a month to save a child?

You probably get requests in the mail for donations for various charities, and you probably throw a lot of them, if not all, away.  Please allow me to tell you the importance of just $5.00 a month toward these great healers for hope.

Hopefully, you have never heard these words.  "Your child has cancer," or "We've done all we can."  Never let an announcement like these tear you down.  There is help you can turn to.

For Cancer, St. Jude's Children's hospital in Memphis, Tennessee will take your child and develop a recovery plan specific to his/her needs and, at no charge to the child or parents.  All treatment, no matter how long it takes, will be free of charge.  So how can this hospital operate without funding?  It all starts with you.  You may think $5.00 a month won't even cover a fresh sheet on the hospital bed, but you're wrong.  Your $5.00 along with thousands of other $5.00 donations help run the very successful St. Jude hospital, plus there are major contributors who send a very healthy check every month or annually to keep this hospital afloat. 

The Shriner's hospital for children takes patients who have spinal issues, and a variety of other problems.  They have no fee either and operate under the same conditions as St. Jude.

For animals in shelter care at ASPCA, your donation to them goes a long way for food, medical help and advertising for a forever home.

So what I want you to think about is putting up an automatic $5.00 donation to one or all three of these institutions who desperately need your contributions.  This is what I do.  I don't even think about the $15.00 I have going out of my bank account each month.  I think about what my contribution and those of other people can do to help others in crisis.

It's a great feeling when I see my donations go out each month.  I know I'm doing my part in helping three groups who are there for YOU when you need them.  Remember, these donations are tax deductible.

 stjude.org - Donate to St. Jude - Help St. Jude End Childhood Cancer
Shriners Hospitals - We Provide Care Beyond Cost
aspca.org - Support the ASPCA - Help Animals in Need Today

Sunday, November 13, 2016

What a Joy Kindergarten is

Over the past twenty five years I have taught adult classes in city colleges, Annex groups and Libraries.  As a substitute teacher I am teaching Kindergarden to twelfth grade high school students.  Most everything I teach is drafted out for me by the permanent teacher, so even if I don't know the subject, the instructions will tell me to watch a video, then talk or write about it, or maybe the regular teacher has games, reading or writing to do in class.  Because I have lived many years, I know all the subjects of the classes I'm teaching - all except one.

As I entered my classroom last Friday and read the description of the class on the white board, I was stumped.  "Drones" are the new way to communicate, dictate and do what humans usually do.  We discussed how Drones can transfer messages to let farmers know their soil needs more water or how important it is to "feed" it now.  Wow.  I'm learning something that my grandson told me has been around for a while.  This class was interesting because I was learning something too. Even though the only thing I had to do in that class was to take roll and let each student describe in their own words what a Drone is capable of doing in the future, I was taking notes.

During my tenure as a sub, starting in 2016, I have taught grades 4 through 12 and I will say that some of the kids can be very testy, but tolerable.  I had heard if I teach a Kindergarten or 1st grade that all I will be doing is watching them play with toy stoves, pots and pans, monitor lunch and get them ready for dismissal.  Boy, was that wrong information.  First, I love Kindergarten because they still love whoever is teaching them, but they aren't in toy heaven at all.  Here's how it went for me with my first day with Kindergarten.

Arrival time 12 noon.  Take them to lunch until 12:30.
12:40 - Computer room until 1:20
1:30 - Language Arts until 2:20
2:30 - Math and beginning writing until 3:15 (snack time too)
3:15 - Put paperwork away, clean up around desk, get back packs and get in line to go home.
3:30 - Dismissal

Oh the busy life of Kindergarten. I love it though.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Angelina Joli is a terrible example of a mother

I said I wasn't going to talk about "AJ" but I can't resist.  I get so angry when I read what she's saying about her husband Brad Pitt that I have to enter my comments.

As we all know, AJ is a gifted actress and Director, but she has made the biggest mistake of her life announcing her husband, Pitt, is an unfit Father.  This comment brought in the Children's Services, a County Government agency and so much unnecessary publication.  Of course she loves to be on the cover of magazines and willingly gives a story to anyone who wants it.  What she said will haunt Pitt for years to come.  Imagine Pitt having to be with a social worker when he visits any of his children.  Shame on you AJ.  This kind of a statement will create much havoc.

AJ doesn't have a plan for any of her children.  They can stay up as late as they want, eat whatever they want and have whatever they want.  Brad grew up with a family who had home rules, boundaries and great love.

My genuine liking of Angelina Joli is down the drain.  And, I never liked the way she treated her Father, (Voit) - to brand Pitt with child endangerment is just unthinkable.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 24, 2016

WOW!  I've been out of touch for a while.  No, I'm not going to talk about Brangelina.  Actually, I thought they would last forever, but there are still many surprises in Hollywood. 

Secondly, I read where Aniston and Theroux may be having some problems.  This I am not shocked at.  As much as I love Jennifer in Friends and the movies she's done with Jason Bateman and Adam Sandler, she is the Queen in her marriage and I'm sure the dictator.  I didn't think her marriage the second time would last more than four years and that was really stretching it.  I think Justin has great screen presence.  Wish I took HBO.

My main point today is I wish everyone who is married, or thinking of getting married, will be living their lives harmoniously until their lives end.  I wish I could say that for my own 8 failed marriages.  I know now why they failed and to be honest, I couldn't have saved any of them.  I am not disciplined enough to do what I know makes a happy marriage.  Example:  #8 asked me to move my recliner next to him so we could hold hands watching TV.  Simple request for a five foot move, but I was stubborn because I had my own little area with all my personal stuff and it would have been inconvenient for me to make the move.  A silly error on my part for such a simple request.  Since there won't be a next time I don't have to practice what I preach.

For more information on my show business life, partners and husbands, please read my book "You Can't Marry Them All" and other Hollywood Stories.  In libraries now.  Also at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other book distributors.  It's "R" rated, not for children.  You can also find it in Ebooks.

Til next time....

Monday, August 15, 2016

Melisssa McCarthy's Journey

Melissa McCarthy's weight loss of nearly 70 pounds and still counting is remarkable for it is one of the most difficult tasks today - dieting.

She has proven that she can stick to a low calorie diet and take the weight off slowly, however, let's take a look at her TV credits.  For 6 or 7 years she was on Gilmore Girls as a cook, moving over two yeaars later to Mike and Molly for another 7 years.  During her tenure on the second series she did some movies.  Tammy was written by her husband and herself and was very funny.  The Heat with Sandra Bullock was OK.  She played the same character as she did in Tammy.  The movie with Jason Bateman - she stole his credit information and together they brought the film into some laughs.  But...with McCarthy losing weight, what will she be funny for?

The main reason people laughed at her antics was because she was so grossly overweight her pranks, falling down, tripping on things created laughter.  Now that she's slimming down, her dialogue is what's going to make people laugh, not the pranks she has done in the past because it won't look right for a normal size person (which she isn't even close to yet) to be falling down or falling out windows.

Lucille Ball found her niche without falling down, but by doing tricks and pranks standing up with head gear, coats and other schtick that made her famous.

I am curious to see what movies McCarthy will do as a thinner person as her regular personality isn't that remarkable.  She's not a Lucille Ball or Barbra Streisand who do comedy very well.  Actually, Streisand can do anything.  She has screen presence and ability to do comedy or drama.

The one to watch out for is the black performer in Ghost Busters 2.  I haven't seen the movie, but reviews say she out performs McCarthy and the other two.

Jennifer Aniston in Cake

I have been a fan of Jennifer Aniston since Friends, as I also have been with every other cast member of that series.  I have not only seen all movies Jen has been in, I own most of them.  The only one I hadn't seen was the one where she was disappointed she didn't get nominated Best Actres for.  "CAKE."

I am confident in my summation as to why she was not nominated.  She is a better Rom-Com actress, and the movies that have been hits for her included her co-star and what the movie was about.  It has never really been about her with the exception of Cake which I was disappointed in and here's why.
In the first ten minutes of the movie I was bored.  There was nothing that made me want to see the next ten minutes.  Her character never changed through the movie except in two scenes where she did show some varied emotion, the rest of the film was monotone and very boring, infact so boring I had to move the film forward on three occasions.

Aniston needs to do a movie where "she" is what the story is about.  That has never been the case, but I will say her dramatic film that she was excellent in was "Derailed," with Clive Owen.  She was not only good in it, she was dynamic in it.  She should have been recognized for it.

Cake has the worst storyline.  It reverts back again and again never really bringing the plot or ending where it should be.  The ending is blunt where she moves from lying down in the car to sitting straight up.  That's it.  No follow-up, what she was ill from, how pills affected her and who she was.
I would say this is the worst film I have ever seen, with one exception.  The Hispanic maid should have been nominated for something.  She was fantastic. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Pilot is ready for production

20 years ago I wrote a Pilot called "Hatcher's Way," then changed it to "The D.P.O.'s".  Deputy Probation Officers.  I worked at San Diego County probation department and saw many stories that I have brought to life in this series, without citing any names. 

I originally wrote it with Billie Dee Williams as the leading character, and he would have been perfect at age 60, but now at almost 80 I doubt he would be interested.  I have been looking at other black actors in their 50's to 60's but there are few, but of course it only takes one.

I have had interest from one of the networks 20 years ago, so I feel confident I will get this project produced this year or the beginning of next.

If you know of a black actor in the age range of today's needs, please contact me at mslindaroberts@yahoo.com.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Muhammed Ali

What a champion Ali was, not only in the ring but as a person, so dedicated to helping others.  He is a true legend and one that a majority of people in the U.S. and abroad in many different countries claim him to be worthy of international recognition.

Ali was a family man and a wonderful father and husband.  He had many friends who adored him and wanted to be involved with all that he did.  He had a following, and a strong one, that when he passed away in 2016 he was not only missed but recognized world wide as an icon.

He showed us what rivalry is about, in a fair and just time period.  He also showed us how winning isn't just a new trophy but accomplishing something he believed in. 

A contributor to charities and local programs, Ali will be remembered throughout the world as a true Champion and masterful human being.

He was also a Muslim with a kind heart.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Little Big Shots

Did you see this week's show?  Why not?  Or, if you did, there were two performers that need watching.

WJM is a rock band and William is the lead singer and bassist.  There is also a drummer and guitarist.  These guys are special.  William is 12 and the other two are 12 and 13.   William is also the leader of the group and is in "charge" when he's on camera. 

When I first saw him and heard the band, I remembered back when my own son was 12.  I took him out on the road in a quartet I put together so he could see what it was like to play in front of a crowd.  We played in the restaurant of a hotel in Idaho.  We drove there, but I didn't take my son as he was only 12 and we were playing in a restaurant that served alcohol.  When I got there, the hotel manager asked with he was and I said I left him at home because he's under age.  I was told that because food was being served in that room he could play but had to leave on breaks to follow the law.  The manager flew him up the next day and we were there for a week.  We had a blast.

My son, Jason Scheff, joined the musician's union at 12 years and we played locally in San Diego, our home town.  Jason joined the band Chicago when he was 22 and has been with them ever since.  He just turned 54.  It's been a great ride for my son to be able to make a living at a job he loves.

Please take a look on Facebook at WJM and enjoy the music and comments about this talented young boy who will soon be a household name.

The young girl on the show "Little Big Shots" - shown on Mondays at 7pm is from Oslo Norway.  She is a jazz singer and good at it.  Look at the reruns on Netflix, Rabbit TV or On Demand.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

For all Republicans

My friendly Republicans.  No matter who runs on the GOP ticket, Hillary Clinton will beat anyone out of the race.  She will also follow in Obama's footsteps, honoring everything he has laid out, like Obama Care.  Why would they even call it that?  For his ego when he's out of office.  Why not "American Healthcare."

I actually voted for Obama because all I heard from his speeches was how he was going to "change" the world.  He has done some great feats - Osama Bin Laden, Hussain, but in doing so, we have lost thousands of our own men in a senseless war.  We cannot stop those who continue to set bombs off in public places.

There is no way we can predict what is going to happen next or how we're going to take out ISIS.  We just have to wait and see what will happen next.  We always seem to find the people responsible for setting off bombs.

After seeing Donald Trump's wife talk to an audience, and Heidi Cruz talk to an audience, I can see where Mrs. Cruz would fit in well as a First Lady.  Not only does she look the part, her vocabulary and speaking skills are ripe for that position.

We can speculate, judge, decide or simply question who will win the next election but no matter who is ahead now, that will change when the actual elections begin in November.

Don't throw your money away on any Republicans.  They won't win. I will say that when Hillary is asked a political question, not only does she know the answer (without looking at any notes) she also knows who was involved in the issue and the date it all happened.

We are stuck with Hillary Clinton for 8 years.  Just accept it. 

Jennifer Aniston's Destiny

I have enjoyed watching Jennifer Aniston from Friends TV series to the movies she has made.  When being interviewed on talk shows, she's often referred to as having some hit movies on her resume.  Let's take a look at some of the movies where "She" has been the main character.

Marley and Me was the story of the dog and Owen Wilson was the lead character.  Anyone could have played his wife.  Her role wasn't that important.  I have yet to see a movie where the story is about her.  I haven't seen Cake, but understand that story was about her character.

If you haven't seen Derailed, you should see it (on TV) because she did an incredible job in a dramatic role.  She played opposite Clive Owen in a suspenseful drama where she had a starring role, but she still wasn't the main focus.  Clive Owen was.

Horrible Bosses 1 and 2 invites a question as to why she would do those two movies.  I don't think Kate Hudson would have done them.  And, speaking of Kate, if you notice, other than her first "Famous" movie, all movies she's in are about her - she is the story.

Jennifer needs to "find" projects where she is the main story line.  It's all about her.  Since we know her as a comedy player, those movies would be my first choice, but after seeing Derailed many times over, she can definitely play anything.

So Melissa McCarthy is going back to Gilmore Girls for a short stint in the update of the show.  That was nice of her.  I'm looking forward to The Boss because I have gotten to know McCarthy and Ben Falcone.  I think they make a great team.

Til next time....

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Moving back to California

I have lived in Tennessee going on 11 years.  I don't know where those years went so quickly.  It just seems like yesterday that I watched my five year old grand daughter walk in to her kindergarten class and next year she'll be graduating from high school.  When I was just a teenager myself I always wished the years would go by faster, but now at 79 on March 25, the years seem to fly by as if in a dream of some sort.

I don't know about you, but for me when I reached 70 I didn't feel any different from when I was 30, but as I approach 80 in 2017 I think is today going to be my last day.  Does that sound morbid?  I have girlfriends my same age and that's what they think too.  How much longer do I have?  I can't make plans far in the future because I don't know if I'll be here.

I feel fine.  I think I look good for my age.  I could go to the gym more often and take better care of my skin, but I don't really think about it that much.  I look in a magnifying mirror every night while watching TV and I pluck out the grey hairs in my eyebrows.  I don't have any eyebrows anymore.

I have many friends and family in California.  I'm going to move back there one day.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Rock the Oscars

Chris Rock spent various parts of the Oscar ranting on why some black projects weren't included, yet never mentioned any of them.  First, his monologue was 24 minutes long, all bashing white people for not including black items.  Then, throughout the show there were other people who mentioned it too.  We don't ever go to the black award shows and talk about why there weren't any white people nominated.  It was way out of place.

What are the black pictures that were not included?  Obviously the academy didn't think any of those were worthy of being nominated and of course you know it's only their opinion, but the consensus must have been unanimous as none were chosen.

You don't see Asians making fools of themselves, or Indians so why the blacks?  Does anybody know?

Fuller House and the Oscars 2016

The Oscars:  The gowns were beautiful, at least some of them and when "Fashion Police" talk about who is in or out in their formal attire, this is only "their" opinion.  The comedic female on the show, Margaret, does have some funny lines.  Melissa and Guiliana not so much.  Nobody will ever be able to deliver lines like Joan Rivers. 

What gets me about the dresses the women wear, haven't we seen enough of the V-NECK Boob display?  When JLo first wore that gorgeous green dress, a long time ago, that was it.  Now everyone, years later is doing the same thing.  I personally liked Cate Blanchett's soft green flowing gown.  It's what the Oscars should look like.  Gwennie wore a lovely pink gown one year and it was scrumptious - of course that's my opinion.  Those V-Neck dresses wouldn't look so bad if the Boobs "stood up" but I can't think of one actress with that attribute.

Fuller House - Watched episode 7 tonight.  So darn cute and fun for just about any age.  I'm surprised Kimmy Gibbler didn't do much work after Full House.  She can go in many directions.  I know why Steph didn't.  She was getting herself well and so glad she did.  She's not as showy as her Full House character, and Candace has matured into a more "out there" mother.  I really like Gibbler, but I always did.  They're all doing a great job, especially the kids.  Don't you just love that little baby?  He's so cute.  Is he going to take over the spotlight like the Olson twins did?

Speaking of Spotlight.  It shouldn't have won best picture.  Father Shanley was a tenant of mine, back in the day and at 2am one morning, 7 swat team members lightly tapped on my front door.  I could see it was police as I looked out my peep hole.  I let them in, but once I did they were all over the living room of my apartment on my phone, looking out the windows and I said, "What are you doing here?"  They asked if I knew if Shanley was home and I told them yes.  They left my apartment and went to his door.  He came out without incident and walked past me with his head down.  I never knew anything until that day. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fuller House Premier on Netflix

I was waiting up tonight for the premier of "Fuller House," the extension of Full House which aired a few years back.  The premier, I had read, would be available at 3am, however, as I was starting to fall asleep I turned on Netflix, clicked on Fuller House and it was showing me Season 1, episode 1.  This happened at 1am.  I wonder what would have happened if I had turned it on at midnight.  Oh well, what's a little time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the premier, and the next 5 episodes.  What??? Netflix was showing all the episodes, so obviously they have been filming these shows for months.  I'm not clear on why all the episodes are available, but as I started to watch episode 6 I turned it off and thought I would retire.  It is now 6:15am on Saturday morning and I haven't been to bed yet.  I wanted to write my critique of the show.

Jodie Sweetin is hot and Candace Cameron is still very pretty.  There's no getting around it, John Stamos is handsome and still as lovable as ever.  Dave Coulier and Bob Saget have aged nicely from the close of the original show.  Lori Loughlin has lost some of her glamour, but getting her auburn hair back again with a darker lipstick would help.  I missed Michelle, but all the new kids in the show are terrific with great personalities.  They all have something different about them.

The writing is great.  All the scenes will make you feel right at home.  I loved a scene where Stephanie (Jodie) is changing the diaper of the new baby on the show (a boy who is gorgeous) and after she gets the diaper on, her phone is ringing and she can't find it, but can hear it's close by.  She realizes it's in the diaper so she puts the diaper to her ear and talks to DJ.  Hilarious.  So many clever scenes in every episode

The only negative issue I have with this show is that the costume designer needs to do better for the girls.  Stephanie went out on the town in a silver dress that was too small on her and looked like it came from Goodwill.  She also wore in episode 1, a red dress that didn't cover her chest.  It looked like her butt had gotten up there instead.  Even Sofia Vergara wears classier clothes.

The new infant on the show is about the same age as the Olson twins.  Nine or ten months and he, also a twin, is absolutely beautiful.

I can't leave out Kimmy Gibbler, who is now a regular and as kooky as ever, but oh so likeable.  Her clothes are typical of the ones we had gotten used to.

Of the five episodes I saw, they are fantastic.  Anyone who watched the show back then, watches the reruns daily from 7pm to 10pm, will love this show.  I'm so glad I took a subscription on Netflix, as my Rabbit account, which carries Netflix, says Fuller House isn't available yet.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Heart Palpitations

Ever had heart palpitations?  I am having them now.  I just looked at Google to research on why people have them.  I don't have any chest pressure or pain, but my heart beat is up a little bit, plus I have been up all night watching World War 1, 2 and the capture of Bin Laden.  That was a 6 hour documentary and very interesting.  I lived through the 2nd world war, but it was never in the U.S.  We only felt the gas stamps and rations and some food rations.

During this time, "Diamond Horseshoe" opened at the Loma Theatre in Point Loma, my hometown and my mother and I went to see it.  Betty Grable was starring in it.  Those were the days.

The Loma Theatre is now a book store, but some of the Theatre memorabilia is still in the store.  Brings back a lot of memories to visit there.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Melissa McCarthy Sheds Weight Loss

I am so glad to see Melissa McCarthy losing weight.  Not only does she look better, but she looks younger too.  Her partner in Mike and Molly has been losing also but Melissa is the big winner here.  If she didn't start dropping pounds, she would be doing slap-stick films forever.  She is a physical comic, even on her show - falling out her classroom window, falling in streets - in her bedroom - falling is part of the laugh process.  With the weight off she can still be funny but not a clown comic.

On my last report on her weight I received a comment from "anonymous."  I wonder if it was Melissa herself as my writings are for anyone to read.  I didn't mean to offend her, I was just stating facts.

Weight is difficult.  I've struggled with it all my life.  I've been a 12 and a 20 and everything in between. 

Actually I think Mike and Molly is really about Mike and his police partner and the guy in the coffee shop and Molly is about her mother, sister and her mother-inlaw. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump will lose to Clinton

No matter how Trump won the GOP preliminary, he will have to absorb at least 60% of the Democrats that now vote for Sanders and Clinton.  A tough job.  I believe Trump thinks he will win the GOP nomination, and I do too, but what his campaign manager is not advising him, is how he will overtake Clinton who will beat out Sanders for the final vote.  Ultimately it will be Trump vs. Clinton, therefore Trump has to find a way to get those 60% Democrats by election time.  He needs to start now.  Clinton said she needs to find more support from a younger crowd.  Trump needs to find support from more Democrats.  His speeches need to eliminate slanderous comments of others and he should relax his tough demeanor.  Those "gun-shooting" comments in the middle of Santa Monica, California, should be eliminated.  While some people were laughing at that statement, Clinton was laughing knowing that whoever thought they might vote for Trump are now leaning in another direction.  Who wants a President who would make a statement like that?

In watching both debates (Democrats and GOP) it's Hillary that is on top of each question.  Why is that?  Well, she's a former First Lady for 8 years and has been through everything political, then as Secretary of State and other politics of importance, she "knows" all the answers.  She knows what will tick people off and she also knows what to say sweetly.  She is an experienced woman who has more knowledge of the system than any other candidate.  I think Sanders knows a lot too, but she has been behind the scene, she is a true candidate for President.

I think women in general are not as strong as men, not only in strength but in their emotion functions.  A man can hear of a family member or best friend's death and still handle an urgent task, where a woman usually will have to have a recover period.  So will men, after the urgent task is completed.  It's just the way we're made.

I would like to see a Republican win this election because Clinton will just continue with what Obama has set forth so we will be in the same predicament we're in now, but with a white President. 

America needs a change.  If you vote for Sanders or Clinton we will be in the same boat for the next four, possibly eight years.  If you vote for a Republican, change is definitely on the move.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting back to writing

For 8 of the 10 years I have lived in Tennessee, I had a Column in the Nolensville Dispatch.  New owners bought the paper and I continued to work for them for two years.  They have now given up the business, so the choice I have is to keep up my own website with news I want to share.

 I haven't been good about keeping this website up to date because I was finishing my book, "You Can't Marry Them All" and other Hollywood Stories, available at Author House, Amazon and Ebooks.  It took me a while to get the book done.  I had the idea for it when I went to a "Chicago" convention in Las Vegas in 2008, but didn't really work on it until 2014 and 2015.  I had never self-published before so I was new to the procedure.  I know now if I ever do it again, I know the protocol for getting it published quickly.

I published at Author House because I wanted to do it my way.   I don't think I would use them again, but maybe I would now that I know the system.  Most of the people that work there have Asian dialects except the advertising/marketing department.  Jeff Reuter speaks perfect English.  Very easy to understand.  I actually made everyone else send me an email of what they were trying to tell me.  I have nothing against any nationality.  I just couldn't understand them.

The book became available November 19, 2015 and I must say the cover is great, designed by Ziggy Kormandel a gifted artist.  Ziggy's on Facebook.  The story is about a woman from the age of six to 70+ and her life growing up.  It's all about the men in her life.  Lovers, husbands, bosses, friends and two male friends who both died of Aids.

The next book I write will be coming out the end of 2016 called "Uterine Cancer" - What every woman should know.  I am a 14 year survivor of this type of cancer and I want to share what I went through.

Thank you for checking in on my website.