Monday, April 6, 2015

The Health of Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is a health risk for any movie or television show she is on. She has always had some meat on her, but since her TV show "Mike and Molly" she has gained, I would say, at least 100 additional pounds. She was obese when she started the show, but from her success she has blossomed to a whopping grossly, morbid obesity.

I've heard obese people say they're happy with their curves. They like showing them off. They are included in the party and are not at war with themselves by being overweight. Trust me. These are all lies and denials coming from the mouths of those who are overweight, gasping for air on a light walk.

I know, for a fact, what it's like to be overweight. I have been over and under (well, not really under, but "lower") many times in my lifetime. I am turning 78 this coming March, 2015. I know what it's like to be thin and want to be naked in front of a loved one. I also know what it's like to be overweight in a shower and have your lover open the shower curtain to say hello. 

The beach has never been a place I love to go. First there is always sand in whatever you eat at the beach. I don't care how carefully it was wrapped at home, when it's opened at the beach there's always sand in it somewhere. But, the main reason I didn't want to go to see the waves and have fun at a BBQ is because I could only wear Capri's, not shorts and not a bathing suit. Girls who take care of themselves look good in their string bikini's but an overweight chick doesn't cut it even in a one piece. And if an overweight chick does goes out in public in swim attire, shorts or even a dress, she will be stared at. Not someone in a size 16 or even an 18, but get past size 20 and above, people will look. When Melissa goes anywhere she will be stared at.

Sex? When someone is grossly obese like Melissa, there's no way she's going to get on top, without the thought of losing her balance and crushing the person underneath her. Also, sometimes an obese person has to slide down to the end of the bed so her lover can walk in to her private parts if you get my drift. Fortunately for me I've never had to do that, but I was presented with that at one time. The next day I was on Atkins.

Overweight people don't breathe as well as thinner ones and talking for any length of time takes effort. Melissa was less weight on Gilmore Girls and why her producers have allowed her to gain extra pounds on Mike and Molly is beyond any kind of acceptance. She is a health risk at work and their insurance rates on her are extremely high. I know. I've been in the entertainment business over thirty years. 

It's not easy to lose weight. Sometimes I've lost weight by not even trying. I just lost it, then gained it right back again. I know how I gain it. I eat too much. And I'm not an Italian food lover, BBQ or other high fat/calorie food. I do have a major downfall. Ice Cream, though I have cut down on that considerably because I'm a diabetic. My A1c will prove my dedication to not eating it regularly. 

Melissa needs a sponsor from Overeaters Anonymous. There are celebrity groups so she doesn't have to go to an open group. Don't stop at 50 pounds. That's only the beginning and she showed us this weight loss almost two months ago. What's happened since then? 

Her movie "Tammy" I think, was the story of how a fat girl can attract a healthy, average size good looking boy. I liked this movie and thought it didn't get the attention it should have. She and her husband wrote it. Ben Falcone. I have always thought Falcone was a bit on the light side, portraying someone with feminine gestures. It is not uncommon for bi-sexual men to marry straight women. They usually have an open marriage. I'm not saying this union is one of those.

Melissa is a physical comedienne. She does it well, but she is also a gifted dramatic actress. Keep up the good work McCarthy. It will pay off in your longevity in show business.

My Youngest Son Visits Nashville

I don't care how old a child gets, as an adult when they come to visit it's so exciting.  You want to make their visit memorable - so that means no fighting.  ha ha.  You plan things, where you'll go, who you'll see, what you'll eat, but all of a sudden that week's visit has come to an end.  You drive your child to the airport or watch his car drive away and you're sad.  As your child gets older, so do the parents.  My youngest son who will be visiting with me April 7 through the 14th is turning 42 in May, but in my mind he is still in a crib, waiting to be picked up from an afternoon nap.  The time has flown by.  I just turned 78.  When he leaves he will take a part of me with him, even though he may never know it.  I'm looking forward to seeing Lauren James Scheff.