Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My first face to face meeting with husband #8

I met John in 2002, online.  We communicated via email and online for about six or eight months, then I met him, face to face for the first time in Los Angeles.  I felt like I was meeting a dear friend I hadn't seen in a long time.  We had become such good friends via the internet, I didn't feel any fear.  I was living in Palmdale at the time and he was in San Diego, but we both drove to L.A. to see the play "Lion King," at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood.  He told me where he was staying and I asked him to get two Queen size beds so I could stay over and not drive back up the mountain at 2 in the morning.  We agreed we would split the hotel room.  I had colored my hair earlier in the day and failed to read the instructions on the box.  I had been coloring my hair for years, so I was not a novice at it and didn't feel I had to read them, however....these instructions - this box had a completely different solution inside.  It was for dark hair that needed to be lightened.  I had light auburn hair.  There wasn't a dark strand on me.  When I took the color off, I had orange hair - literally.  I didn't have time to process another color.  I had an hour and a half drive to Hollywood.  Oh well.  I just went with orange hair.

I called John on the way down and asked what room he was in.  228 over the pool area.  As I drove down the mountain I was thinking of what I could do with my hair.  I needed a scarf or something, but didn't want to stop on the way and I didn't have any hats to wear at my place so I was driving with orange hair to meet my good friend John and see a play. 

Ad I drove in to the parking lot, I saw room 228 and parked in the two car stall in front of it.  As I reached in the back seat for my overnight bag I saw a sweater folded up next to it.  I took the sweater and put it around my head.  As dumb as that looked I locked the car then went over to 228 and knocked on the door.  When John answered he asked me what was with the sweater.  I started to cry as I took it off, but he assured me it was no big deal.  Since we didn't know anyone in L.A., and certainly not at the theatre, who cares what color my hair is.  "You look good in orange," he said, as he put his arm around me and walked me in to the room.  As I looked around there was one King Size bed, not two.  "What happened to the two beds?" I asked.  He said he didn't know it was like that when he checked in but he would go downstairs and have them move us.  Being the good friends we had become I told him to forget it and let's just enjoy the play.

To be continued

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nobody has forgotten Demi Moore

Yahoo posted an unflattering comment about Demi Moore today, August 18 and I would like to share my feelings on the notice.  Demi has never made a movie that wasn't worth watching.  She has screen chemistry and her voice is only hers.  She is a convincing actress and plays dramatic parts with ease.

It is difficult to replace Bruce Willis and I was sorry to see them divorce.  Ashton Kutcher, however, can't walk in the shoes of Willis and she came down many many levels when she married Kutcher.  Unfortunately she loved him and there's something about a young person that's invigorating.  I should know, five of my eight husbands were young.  They aren't jaded yet.  They still could wake up at two o'clock in the morning and want to go hiking.  Actually, they're up for anything and you don't have to ask them to take a pill or look at a sexy magazine to get a hard on. 

I knew Demi's life with Kutcher was doomed.  As time goes on, the young lovers need someone their own age.  Even though they get older, so do the women.  It doesn't usually work.

I would like to see Demi in a new movie with a lot of bite to it.  She is a great actress and can play many roles.  She's great in the serious ones.  Yahoo said she was washed up and nobody wanted to hire her.  I doubt that.  I hope not.