Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Little Big Shots

Did you see this week's show?  Why not?  Or, if you did, there were two performers that need watching.

WJM is a rock band and William is the lead singer and bassist.  There is also a drummer and guitarist.  These guys are special.  William is 12 and the other two are 12 and 13.   William is also the leader of the group and is in "charge" when he's on camera. 

When I first saw him and heard the band, I remembered back when my own son was 12.  I took him out on the road in a quartet I put together so he could see what it was like to play in front of a crowd.  We played in the restaurant of a hotel in Idaho.  We drove there, but I didn't take my son as he was only 12 and we were playing in a restaurant that served alcohol.  When I got there, the hotel manager asked with he was and I said I left him at home because he's under age.  I was told that because food was being served in that room he could play but had to leave on breaks to follow the law.  The manager flew him up the next day and we were there for a week.  We had a blast.

My son, Jason Scheff, joined the musician's union at 12 years and we played locally in San Diego, our home town.  Jason joined the band Chicago when he was 22 and has been with them ever since.  He just turned 54.  It's been a great ride for my son to be able to make a living at a job he loves.

Please take a look on Facebook at WJM and enjoy the music and comments about this talented young boy who will soon be a household name.

The young girl on the show "Little Big Shots" - shown on Mondays at 7pm is from Oslo Norway.  She is a jazz singer and good at it.  Look at the reruns on Netflix, Rabbit TV or On Demand.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

For all Republicans

My friendly Republicans.  No matter who runs on the GOP ticket, Hillary Clinton will beat anyone out of the race.  She will also follow in Obama's footsteps, honoring everything he has laid out, like Obama Care.  Why would they even call it that?  For his ego when he's out of office.  Why not "American Healthcare."

I actually voted for Obama because all I heard from his speeches was how he was going to "change" the world.  He has done some great feats - Osama Bin Laden, Hussain, but in doing so, we have lost thousands of our own men in a senseless war.  We cannot stop those who continue to set bombs off in public places.

There is no way we can predict what is going to happen next or how we're going to take out ISIS.  We just have to wait and see what will happen next.  We always seem to find the people responsible for setting off bombs.

After seeing Donald Trump's wife talk to an audience, and Heidi Cruz talk to an audience, I can see where Mrs. Cruz would fit in well as a First Lady.  Not only does she look the part, her vocabulary and speaking skills are ripe for that position.

We can speculate, judge, decide or simply question who will win the next election but no matter who is ahead now, that will change when the actual elections begin in November.

Don't throw your money away on any Republicans.  They won't win. I will say that when Hillary is asked a political question, not only does she know the answer (without looking at any notes) she also knows who was involved in the issue and the date it all happened.

We are stuck with Hillary Clinton for 8 years.  Just accept it. 

Jennifer Aniston's Destiny

I have enjoyed watching Jennifer Aniston from Friends TV series to the movies she has made.  When being interviewed on talk shows, she's often referred to as having some hit movies on her resume.  Let's take a look at some of the movies where "She" has been the main character.

Marley and Me was the story of the dog and Owen Wilson was the lead character.  Anyone could have played his wife.  Her role wasn't that important.  I have yet to see a movie where the story is about her.  I haven't seen Cake, but understand that story was about her character.

If you haven't seen Derailed, you should see it (on TV) because she did an incredible job in a dramatic role.  She played opposite Clive Owen in a suspenseful drama where she had a starring role, but she still wasn't the main focus.  Clive Owen was.

Horrible Bosses 1 and 2 invites a question as to why she would do those two movies.  I don't think Kate Hudson would have done them.  And, speaking of Kate, if you notice, other than her first "Famous" movie, all movies she's in are about her - she is the story.

Jennifer needs to "find" projects where she is the main story line.  It's all about her.  Since we know her as a comedy player, those movies would be my first choice, but after seeing Derailed many times over, she can definitely play anything.

So Melissa McCarthy is going back to Gilmore Girls for a short stint in the update of the show.  That was nice of her.  I'm looking forward to The Boss because I have gotten to know McCarthy and Ben Falcone.  I think they make a great team.

Til next time....