Monday, August 15, 2016

Melisssa McCarthy's Journey

Melissa McCarthy's weight loss of nearly 70 pounds and still counting is remarkable for it is one of the most difficult tasks today - dieting.

She has proven that she can stick to a low calorie diet and take the weight off slowly, however, let's take a look at her TV credits.  For 6 or 7 years she was on Gilmore Girls as a cook, moving over two yeaars later to Mike and Molly for another 7 years.  During her tenure on the second series she did some movies.  Tammy was written by her husband and herself and was very funny.  The Heat with Sandra Bullock was OK.  She played the same character as she did in Tammy.  The movie with Jason Bateman - she stole his credit information and together they brought the film into some laughs.  But...with McCarthy losing weight, what will she be funny for?

The main reason people laughed at her antics was because she was so grossly overweight her pranks, falling down, tripping on things created laughter.  Now that she's slimming down, her dialogue is what's going to make people laugh, not the pranks she has done in the past because it won't look right for a normal size person (which she isn't even close to yet) to be falling down or falling out windows.

Lucille Ball found her niche without falling down, but by doing tricks and pranks standing up with head gear, coats and other schtick that made her famous.

I am curious to see what movies McCarthy will do as a thinner person as her regular personality isn't that remarkable.  She's not a Lucille Ball or Barbra Streisand who do comedy very well.  Actually, Streisand can do anything.  She has screen presence and ability to do comedy or drama.

The one to watch out for is the black performer in Ghost Busters 2.  I haven't seen the movie, but reviews say she out performs McCarthy and the other two.

Jennifer Aniston in Cake

I have been a fan of Jennifer Aniston since Friends, as I also have been with every other cast member of that series.  I have not only seen all movies Jen has been in, I own most of them.  The only one I hadn't seen was the one where she was disappointed she didn't get nominated Best Actres for.  "CAKE."

I am confident in my summation as to why she was not nominated.  She is a better Rom-Com actress, and the movies that have been hits for her included her co-star and what the movie was about.  It has never really been about her with the exception of Cake which I was disappointed in and here's why.
In the first ten minutes of the movie I was bored.  There was nothing that made me want to see the next ten minutes.  Her character never changed through the movie except in two scenes where she did show some varied emotion, the rest of the film was monotone and very boring, infact so boring I had to move the film forward on three occasions.

Aniston needs to do a movie where "she" is what the story is about.  That has never been the case, but I will say her dramatic film that she was excellent in was "Derailed," with Clive Owen.  She was not only good in it, she was dynamic in it.  She should have been recognized for it.

Cake has the worst storyline.  It reverts back again and again never really bringing the plot or ending where it should be.  The ending is blunt where she moves from lying down in the car to sitting straight up.  That's it.  No follow-up, what she was ill from, how pills affected her and who she was.
I would say this is the worst film I have ever seen, with one exception.  The Hispanic maid should have been nominated for something.  She was fantastic. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Pilot is ready for production

20 years ago I wrote a Pilot called "Hatcher's Way," then changed it to "The D.P.O.'s".  Deputy Probation Officers.  I worked at San Diego County probation department and saw many stories that I have brought to life in this series, without citing any names. 

I originally wrote it with Billie Dee Williams as the leading character, and he would have been perfect at age 60, but now at almost 80 I doubt he would be interested.  I have been looking at other black actors in their 50's to 60's but there are few, but of course it only takes one.

I have had interest from one of the networks 20 years ago, so I feel confident I will get this project produced this year or the beginning of next.

If you know of a black actor in the age range of today's needs, please contact me at