Monday, February 29, 2016

Rock the Oscars

Chris Rock spent various parts of the Oscar ranting on why some black projects weren't included, yet never mentioned any of them.  First, his monologue was 24 minutes long, all bashing white people for not including black items.  Then, throughout the show there were other people who mentioned it too.  We don't ever go to the black award shows and talk about why there weren't any white people nominated.  It was way out of place.

What are the black pictures that were not included?  Obviously the academy didn't think any of those were worthy of being nominated and of course you know it's only their opinion, but the consensus must have been unanimous as none were chosen.

You don't see Asians making fools of themselves, or Indians so why the blacks?  Does anybody know?

Fuller House and the Oscars 2016

The Oscars:  The gowns were beautiful, at least some of them and when "Fashion Police" talk about who is in or out in their formal attire, this is only "their" opinion.  The comedic female on the show, Margaret, does have some funny lines.  Melissa and Guiliana not so much.  Nobody will ever be able to deliver lines like Joan Rivers. 

What gets me about the dresses the women wear, haven't we seen enough of the V-NECK Boob display?  When JLo first wore that gorgeous green dress, a long time ago, that was it.  Now everyone, years later is doing the same thing.  I personally liked Cate Blanchett's soft green flowing gown.  It's what the Oscars should look like.  Gwennie wore a lovely pink gown one year and it was scrumptious - of course that's my opinion.  Those V-Neck dresses wouldn't look so bad if the Boobs "stood up" but I can't think of one actress with that attribute.

Fuller House - Watched episode 7 tonight.  So darn cute and fun for just about any age.  I'm surprised Kimmy Gibbler didn't do much work after Full House.  She can go in many directions.  I know why Steph didn't.  She was getting herself well and so glad she did.  She's not as showy as her Full House character, and Candace has matured into a more "out there" mother.  I really like Gibbler, but I always did.  They're all doing a great job, especially the kids.  Don't you just love that little baby?  He's so cute.  Is he going to take over the spotlight like the Olson twins did?

Speaking of Spotlight.  It shouldn't have won best picture.  Father Shanley was a tenant of mine, back in the day and at 2am one morning, 7 swat team members lightly tapped on my front door.  I could see it was police as I looked out my peep hole.  I let them in, but once I did they were all over the living room of my apartment on my phone, looking out the windows and I said, "What are you doing here?"  They asked if I knew if Shanley was home and I told them yes.  They left my apartment and went to his door.  He came out without incident and walked past me with his head down.  I never knew anything until that day. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fuller House Premier on Netflix

I was waiting up tonight for the premier of "Fuller House," the extension of Full House which aired a few years back.  The premier, I had read, would be available at 3am, however, as I was starting to fall asleep I turned on Netflix, clicked on Fuller House and it was showing me Season 1, episode 1.  This happened at 1am.  I wonder what would have happened if I had turned it on at midnight.  Oh well, what's a little time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the premier, and the next 5 episodes.  What??? Netflix was showing all the episodes, so obviously they have been filming these shows for months.  I'm not clear on why all the episodes are available, but as I started to watch episode 6 I turned it off and thought I would retire.  It is now 6:15am on Saturday morning and I haven't been to bed yet.  I wanted to write my critique of the show.

Jodie Sweetin is hot and Candace Cameron is still very pretty.  There's no getting around it, John Stamos is handsome and still as lovable as ever.  Dave Coulier and Bob Saget have aged nicely from the close of the original show.  Lori Loughlin has lost some of her glamour, but getting her auburn hair back again with a darker lipstick would help.  I missed Michelle, but all the new kids in the show are terrific with great personalities.  They all have something different about them.

The writing is great.  All the scenes will make you feel right at home.  I loved a scene where Stephanie (Jodie) is changing the diaper of the new baby on the show (a boy who is gorgeous) and after she gets the diaper on, her phone is ringing and she can't find it, but can hear it's close by.  She realizes it's in the diaper so she puts the diaper to her ear and talks to DJ.  Hilarious.  So many clever scenes in every episode

The only negative issue I have with this show is that the costume designer needs to do better for the girls.  Stephanie went out on the town in a silver dress that was too small on her and looked like it came from Goodwill.  She also wore in episode 1, a red dress that didn't cover her chest.  It looked like her butt had gotten up there instead.  Even Sofia Vergara wears classier clothes.

The new infant on the show is about the same age as the Olson twins.  Nine or ten months and he, also a twin, is absolutely beautiful.

I can't leave out Kimmy Gibbler, who is now a regular and as kooky as ever, but oh so likeable.  Her clothes are typical of the ones we had gotten used to.

Of the five episodes I saw, they are fantastic.  Anyone who watched the show back then, watches the reruns daily from 7pm to 10pm, will love this show.  I'm so glad I took a subscription on Netflix, as my Rabbit account, which carries Netflix, says Fuller House isn't available yet.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Heart Palpitations

Ever had heart palpitations?  I am having them now.  I just looked at Google to research on why people have them.  I don't have any chest pressure or pain, but my heart beat is up a little bit, plus I have been up all night watching World War 1, 2 and the capture of Bin Laden.  That was a 6 hour documentary and very interesting.  I lived through the 2nd world war, but it was never in the U.S.  We only felt the gas stamps and rations and some food rations.

During this time, "Diamond Horseshoe" opened at the Loma Theatre in Point Loma, my hometown and my mother and I went to see it.  Betty Grable was starring in it.  Those were the days.

The Loma Theatre is now a book store, but some of the Theatre memorabilia is still in the store.  Brings back a lot of memories to visit there.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Melissa McCarthy Sheds Weight Loss

I am so glad to see Melissa McCarthy losing weight.  Not only does she look better, but she looks younger too.  Her partner in Mike and Molly has been losing also but Melissa is the big winner here.  If she didn't start dropping pounds, she would be doing slap-stick films forever.  She is a physical comic, even on her show - falling out her classroom window, falling in streets - in her bedroom - falling is part of the laugh process.  With the weight off she can still be funny but not a clown comic.

On my last report on her weight I received a comment from "anonymous."  I wonder if it was Melissa herself as my writings are for anyone to read.  I didn't mean to offend her, I was just stating facts.

Weight is difficult.  I've struggled with it all my life.  I've been a 12 and a 20 and everything in between. 

Actually I think Mike and Molly is really about Mike and his police partner and the guy in the coffee shop and Molly is about her mother, sister and her mother-inlaw. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump will lose to Clinton

No matter how Trump won the GOP preliminary, he will have to absorb at least 60% of the Democrats that now vote for Sanders and Clinton.  A tough job.  I believe Trump thinks he will win the GOP nomination, and I do too, but what his campaign manager is not advising him, is how he will overtake Clinton who will beat out Sanders for the final vote.  Ultimately it will be Trump vs. Clinton, therefore Trump has to find a way to get those 60% Democrats by election time.  He needs to start now.  Clinton said she needs to find more support from a younger crowd.  Trump needs to find support from more Democrats.  His speeches need to eliminate slanderous comments of others and he should relax his tough demeanor.  Those "gun-shooting" comments in the middle of Santa Monica, California, should be eliminated.  While some people were laughing at that statement, Clinton was laughing knowing that whoever thought they might vote for Trump are now leaning in another direction.  Who wants a President who would make a statement like that?

In watching both debates (Democrats and GOP) it's Hillary that is on top of each question.  Why is that?  Well, she's a former First Lady for 8 years and has been through everything political, then as Secretary of State and other politics of importance, she "knows" all the answers.  She knows what will tick people off and she also knows what to say sweetly.  She is an experienced woman who has more knowledge of the system than any other candidate.  I think Sanders knows a lot too, but she has been behind the scene, she is a true candidate for President.

I think women in general are not as strong as men, not only in strength but in their emotion functions.  A man can hear of a family member or best friend's death and still handle an urgent task, where a woman usually will have to have a recover period.  So will men, after the urgent task is completed.  It's just the way we're made.

I would like to see a Republican win this election because Clinton will just continue with what Obama has set forth so we will be in the same predicament we're in now, but with a white President. 

America needs a change.  If you vote for Sanders or Clinton we will be in the same boat for the next four, possibly eight years.  If you vote for a Republican, change is definitely on the move.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting back to writing

For 8 of the 10 years I have lived in Tennessee, I had a Column in the Nolensville Dispatch.  New owners bought the paper and I continued to work for them for two years.  They have now given up the business, so the choice I have is to keep up my own website with news I want to share.

 I haven't been good about keeping this website up to date because I was finishing my book, "You Can't Marry Them All" and other Hollywood Stories, available at Author House, Amazon and Ebooks.  It took me a while to get the book done.  I had the idea for it when I went to a "Chicago" convention in Las Vegas in 2008, but didn't really work on it until 2014 and 2015.  I had never self-published before so I was new to the procedure.  I know now if I ever do it again, I know the protocol for getting it published quickly.

I published at Author House because I wanted to do it my way.   I don't think I would use them again, but maybe I would now that I know the system.  Most of the people that work there have Asian dialects except the advertising/marketing department.  Jeff Reuter speaks perfect English.  Very easy to understand.  I actually made everyone else send me an email of what they were trying to tell me.  I have nothing against any nationality.  I just couldn't understand them.

The book became available November 19, 2015 and I must say the cover is great, designed by Ziggy Kormandel a gifted artist.  Ziggy's on Facebook.  The story is about a woman from the age of six to 70+ and her life growing up.  It's all about the men in her life.  Lovers, husbands, bosses, friends and two male friends who both died of Aids.

The next book I write will be coming out the end of 2016 called "Uterine Cancer" - What every woman should know.  I am a 14 year survivor of this type of cancer and I want to share what I went through.

Thank you for checking in on my website.