Sunday, October 16, 2016

Angelina Joli is a terrible example of a mother

I said I wasn't going to talk about "AJ" but I can't resist.  I get so angry when I read what she's saying about her husband Brad Pitt that I have to enter my comments.

As we all know, AJ is a gifted actress and Director, but she has made the biggest mistake of her life announcing her husband, Pitt, is an unfit Father.  This comment brought in the Children's Services, a County Government agency and so much unnecessary publication.  Of course she loves to be on the cover of magazines and willingly gives a story to anyone who wants it.  What she said will haunt Pitt for years to come.  Imagine Pitt having to be with a social worker when he visits any of his children.  Shame on you AJ.  This kind of a statement will create much havoc.

AJ doesn't have a plan for any of her children.  They can stay up as late as they want, eat whatever they want and have whatever they want.  Brad grew up with a family who had home rules, boundaries and great love.

My genuine liking of Angelina Joli is down the drain.  And, I never liked the way she treated her Father, (Voit) - to brand Pitt with child endangerment is just unthinkable.