Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Friends" TV show

Friends remained on the air for ten years because the public liked it.  They became friends with the friends on TV.  They were so real, they seemed like they could be our own friends and we followed them through marriages, divorces, illness, deaths and births.  From being jobless to finding new jobs.  A group of friends who hung out in a nearby place maybe similar to where you hang out.  We felt their hurts and joys, but from reading the first few comments on this page, apparently you didn't like the show and that's OK because enough people did.  That's what kept them on the air for ten years.  Now the reruns are going.  10pm to midnight on Nick at Night, then on a channel 134 from 12am on.  I don't miss a show.  I've seen them all and know all the dialog, including what will make me laugh.  Yes, I still laugh at what they do and say.  Lisa Kudrow was a character.  Someone we loved from the beginning.  It's not easy to do prop comedy, which she's excellent at.  Her improvs with her dialog made her stand out.  The high pitched voice of Courtney Cox at times was just at the right time and she made us feel she truly loved Chandler Bing, a sweet, sweet friend.  Joey had his own thing too.  Very identifiable and while David Schwimmer wasn't a favorite of mine in the beginning, I just loved him throughout the show's tenure.  Jennifer hasn't had good luck with her movies except We're the Millers.  That was Rachel, all grown up.  The problem with Jennifer Aniston, she has not found a movie that's just about her character.  If you recall Kate Hudson, Kate is the star in her movies.  Jennifer is also a starring role but secondary to Owen Wilson and the dog.  She plays second fiddle to Adam Sandler.  She needs to hunt for a film that she's the main story point, not make movies 2 and 3 times a year that nobody will care about.  Horrible Bosses.  Why would she do something like that.  Would you see Angeline Jolie, Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon doing those films?  NO.  I'll keep watching my favorite Friends and hope to see more of them all.  I don't watch Cougar Town because that's not the Monica I loved.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Kardashian News

Folks, I hope you know that a home is part of their production money as in most of the homes you see on their reality show.  The clothes they wear, watches, expensive jewelry are all part of the production costs negotiated when the deal is made.  If these people paid for what they're wearing or living in, they'd be broke sooner than later.  Here's a bit of news.  Kim and her new husband will last MAYBE three years.  He won't put up with her and she won't let him make the decisions.  I feel bad for Bruce, trying to figure out what and who he is.  As for Rob, he's never been given the attention his sisters have and speaking of sisters, Kylie has grown into an absolutely gorgeous young woman, better looking than any of the sisters with a beautiful body (I hope she doesn't acquire Kris's butt - that's where the other girls got their enormous ones) gorgeous lips and overall pretty.  Kendall is tall and not that pretty, but fits in well with other models in the same category.  If Kim injects her lips any more, she'll be tripping on them.  Khloe is simply a misfit, but Kourtney is a great mother and looker, with one exception, she drinks in front of an alcoholic boyfriend.  He should get a sponsor and join AA otherwise their union is pretty much defeated.  Now, if you want to see someone on the rise, search the internet for Iggy Azalea.  She's a bit "nasty" but so cute you overlook her words.  That's another thhing about the Kardashians.  With several small children on their shows, I don't know why Los Angeles Children's Services never put a halt to the filthy language used in every episode, usually by poor Khloe.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two of my four sons are 10 months apart

My former husband, Jerry Scheff, was home from a tour and getting ready to leave on another one.  He was Elvis Presley's Bass player.  I had a new son, Jason, who was just one month old.  I was cautioned to be careful with another pregnancy because I was "ripe" for another one.  I was told to use caution, so we did.  Jerry wore a protection so I wouldn't get pregnant, however, when the love-making part was all over, the protection wasn't anywhere to be found.  I tried to find it.  Jerry tried to find it.  Neither of us could find it and really, how far up can a hand go anyway?

It was the night before Jerry was leaving for the road and we couldn't find the protection.  At that time, those "morning after" pills were not available, so what did I do?  I called my Obstetrician at 2:30am - woke him up, worried that I had gotten pregnant because I couldn't find the protection.  My Doctor said the protection would show up by either coming out by itself or if it went the opposite direction I might choke on it.  My Doctor had a weird sense of humor.

The rubber showed up in the sheets the following morning and my third son showed up 10 months later.  I considered myself very lucky because I had, at this time, three wonderful sons.  Two who traveled with me and Jerry when he went to Las Vegas for a long-term gig.