Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Chrissy Metz and Other Big Girls

Anyone who says they enjoy being overweight is usually telling a fib.  It is not fun to shop at the Big Girls department stores or sections in stores.'s so difficult to diet, to deprive yourself of foods you love and enjoy eating with friends and family.  Exercise - another needed function in staying fit yet difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym.  Maybe if you exercise at home with equipment you can't afford would be better, but let's face reality.  Staying in shape is difficult, especially if you've never been in shape.

Before my son's wedding in 1999, I joined Overeaters Anonymous in L.A. and so did he.  He looked so handsome at his wedding after having lost 60 pounds, which was a lot for him.  At 6ft. 2 inches he was handsome in his suit.  I also joined OA, but in a different location and I lost 45 lbs.  I was wearing a size 12.  We both felt and looked good.

What happened?  The same thing that happens to most who lose weight.  You gain it back when you begin eating again.  You don't look for it to happen, you don't want it to happen, but often it does, as it did with us.

It is so uncomfortable being overweight, yet so daunting to diet.  Chrissy Metz, Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey who all say they love their weight are telling little white lies, especially Matz.  In an article I just read in a movie magazine, she states that her size 24 dresses are just fine to buy off the rack.  Only one problem.  She can't buy anything off any rack as she would never fit into any dress made to order for the public.  She couldn't fit her arm into a size 24 anything.  All of her clothes have to be made for her as she is not 350 pounds as the article said, she is between 500 and 550.  She's almost ready for the TV show "My 600 pound Life." 

OA (Overeaters Anonymous) is a division of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).  The principles are the same.  If you can stay with the program, and be committed you will stop drinking, using and eating the wrong kinds of food.  There are meetings in every town and state.  Do yourself a favor and visit a meeting.  You'll find a lot of friends who are struggling with the same issue, but attend meetings on a regular basis to achieve sobriety. 


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